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The Adventures of Lawrence and Rusty Talbot

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Out of Control!

You can send personal messages directly to Lawrence and Rusty from here.

Check out their latest Adventure!!

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Lawrence in Brazil!

This site is continuously:

Lawrence in Jordan and Egypt ! 

Rusty and Lawrence actually bicycled ALL THE WAY ACROSS AMERICA! 
August 12, 1999 saw Lawrence and Rusty arrive in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. More updates on the journey and pictures en-route coming soon......

Journal updated

Now non-frames and optimized for 640x480

Extra pictures on Friends & Family
page 3!!


Within this web site, you can:

 find out about Who these two characters are...   

find out What these two did....

find out Why they did it....

 find out Where these two miscreants went,....

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New pics P3 7/31

Journal update 7/31

Non-frames 7/31

Position update 7/29

Friends update 7/18

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